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I am a Specialist with 37 years of experience

Why have plants in the office?  - because you desire to see some beauty and life in a dull work area to lift your spirit! Plants also add to your physical health by supplying  oxygen to your office air that rejuvenates your whole mind and body, just like going on a walk in the forest. Plants absorb toxic air and continually give fresh oxygen that can reduce or eliminate headaches and that middle-of-the-afternoon drowsy feeling if the foliage is close enough to you! You automatically begin breathing deeply when a plant is only arms distance away because your brain detects the plants pure oxygen and sends an instant message to your lungs to respond and fill up with that good air! This is a proven fact of science that you can easily discover for yourself. It's real and amazing!

Why have a specialist take care of the plants for you? - because plants that are dusty, yellowing, infested and dying eliminate that smile on your face you had when they were brand new! All you see is problems - and you thought it was going to be easy to look after them! I specialize in this field!

Why hire Tropical Paradise Gardens to maintain office plants for you? - because after 37 years of working with tropical plants, trees and flowers I have learned to excell in making them dust-free and shiny. I make them thrive with natural organic fertilizer that produces continual new growth and flowers. I can totally eliminate pest problems using people-safe sprays because I know how to detect the damage they do when they are just beginning on a plant. I have all the tools on my toolbelt to produce these results so all these challenges are successfully met and overcome on the spot. 

Why obtain your office plants from Tropical Paradise Gardens? - because I know the exact kind of plant you need for every position they will be located in your office. Experience is the teacher here of what will do best for the light availble. 

My actions speak louder than words - Don't hesitate any longer! Contact me about supplying you with plants that will thrive because of my maintenance expertise! I am not just an employee who doesn't know or care about the job. My actions speak much louder than these words and produce professional results! See my referral page to see what others say about my service. 


Service areas I have clients:

Toronto West/ Mississauga/ Oakville/ Hamilton/Dundas/Milton/ Burlington/ Ancaster/ Stoney Creek/ Guelph/ Cambridge/ Kitchener, Ontario. 

If you are located within the boundaries of this wide area give me a call or email for a free quote to supply and maintain tropical indoor plants/flowers/trees in your office, shopping mall, retirement home, or even residence!