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WOW! Imagine seeing the elegance of these Lechuza planters at your office! Tropical Paradise Gardens introduces the craftsmanship of the best planters this world has to offer and reinvents the majesty of indoor excellence in tropical floral beauty that lifts your spirit.


(Click on the About page to learn about Tropical Paradise Gardens)  






 A built-in bottom watering system feeds it continually so the foliage never suffers from only being partly fed and watered.


 The results are amazing!

Trees and flowers stay green and produce foliage and blooms that seem to last forever! Click on Photos page for details/styles.





Pay just the wholesale cost upfront combined with a monthly maintenance contract


Pay the retail cost upfront combined with a monthly maintenance contract.



 With the above options we make it easy for you to afford luxuriant inspiring beauty that not only gives you a lift - it also gives you a breath of fresh air in a stale office environment!

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For a free quote contact or cellular 905 923-8100